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On 16th October 2013 Spondon C.C. was awarded Clubmark Reaccreditation.

This award demonstrates the Club's ongoing commitment to being ‘safe effective and child friendly’ cricket club. Congratulations to all members for their hard work in the re-accreditation process during the past few months


Spondon Cricket Club first went through the ECB Clubmark cricket's club Accreditation Scheme in 2008. Every year the club works with the ECB (English Cricket Board) and DCB (Derbyshire Cricket Board) in ensuring the accreditation process is kept up to date. During 2013 Spondon Cricket Club will once again go through a re-accreditation process to ensure that we retain the prestigious Clubmark award showing we are a well managed club.
So what is Clubmark?


Clubmark is a partnership between ECB , DCB and Sport England. In being an accredited club we are part of a growing number of Cricket clubs across England and Wales that are prioritising junior development and creating a benchmark for high quality community club cricket.
The four themes of Clubmark are

  1. Duty of Care and Safeguarding Children
  2. The Cricket Programme
  3. Knowing Your Club and Its Community-One Game
  4. Club Management

The process consists of members of the club completing a Cricket Evidence File showing how the criteria for the four themes is being achieved. Once submitted to the DCB a visit is made by an ECB Clubmark Nominated Officer to evaluate how we have implemented and communicated the ECB Clubmark Policy's and Procedures within our Club.
ECB Clubmark accreditation lasts for three years. During the three year period the ECB Clubmark annual health check is carried out to ensure that we maintain the required standards with during the third year a review and update of Clubmark evidence files to ensure re-accreditation

For further information on Clubmark contact

  • Neil Kellogg – Chairman
  • Kath Green - Secretary

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