Spondon And The Grounds


Taking Field Spondon Cricket ClubThe fantastic story of the three tea ladies who raised money for twenty years so that Spondon CC could buy their ground at Royal Hill Road. In the years to come, Spondon improved their legacy in several ways...

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Spondon CC's Ground (2) - From Royal Hill Road to Locko Road

Spondon Cricket Club Taking The FieldThis is the second of our 'Spondon CC's Grounds' series, the key players behind the move to Locko Road, Kevin Hibbert and Paul Tainton, tell us the story of the move. It wasn't easy - emotionally or organisationally - but fantastic progress for the club and a great legacy for future generations.

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Spondon And The Grounds (3) - Reaping The Rewards

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And finally, in the 'Spondon and the grounds' series, the cricketing rewards that came from all that effort to move the ground to Locko Road! As told by Neil Kellogg, Paul Tainton and Steve Baker.

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